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    CBD oil is getting very popular.

    sides from the so so taste, the CBD does seems to be helping. I had a hot flash this morning, usually an early sign of a seizure, so I took a dose, and feel fine now. Can’t say for sure it was the CBD that helped, but it’s certainly not hurting. – Harrisburg,Pa.Susan H.


    This product is amazing!! I finally thought I would try it. Held back due to price. I have ibs and inflammation in my stomach. I take it as maintenance everyday just take a tsp in the morning and my stomach has been feeling better. Not as much heartburn and stomach cramps. I love the taste it is tart but pleasant. I have only been taking it a week. I would reccomend to anyone with digestive disorders. It really seems to help. I will buy it again!!!Cincinnati,OhioSteven R.


    I have been very happy with the pommys tea chips. I had very strong doubts, but having IBS-D will make you want to try ANYTHING that might help. I took this for 2-3 days and then took an overnight trip out of town and didn’t take it with me and believe me, by the time I got home, I really knew I’d missed a dose. I will buy this againOakland,CA.William R.


    Never heard of Pommys Tea chips but it is a great product. Very soothing to the irritated stomach. I didn’t use for diarrhea, but more as a soothing agent from inflammation due to celiac’s. I loved the flavor – tart, but tasty. I am appreciative that there are no additives or chemicals.Boston,Mass.M. Frankel


    My Dog ,bowser, who was having frequent seizures, even on phenobarbital, hasn’t had a single seizure since being on CBD oilLubbock,TexasK. Edinger


    “I am holding off on starting an anti-depressant until I give the Tincture 1-2 months. I have made amazing strides in just a couple weeks with physical strength and overall feeling of wellness. I have Lupus and chronic EBV, which has increased 25-fold over last year. I had lost much of my physical strength. I was stunned at the return of my physical strength through even the first few days of being on the oral pure science lab CBD Tincture. Also it has lifted my brain fog. Much sharper.Albany,N.Y.Nancy D.


    It’s good for everything !New York,New YorkJill J.

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